About Us

We are passionate about what we do!

Who Are We

At EVG, we think there is a better way to do work. A more precious, less invasive way where clients are earned rather than bought.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help business go digital and beyond limits. We want to help people go online and grow their business. 

What We Do

We develop websites, softwares, android and ios apps. We help with branding and do digital marketing.

Our history

Founded in 2015, EVG SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is a software development and web development company. We have developed over 700+ websites and applications. At EVG, we think there is a better way to do marketing. A more precious, less invasive way where clients are earned rather than bought.

Our 6-D process



We help our clients to discover the opportunities that are lying in front of them. We discover the possibilities that can be done. 



We define that possibilities and make a clear plan to go. We work with passion and help clients achieve goals.



Designing is one of the major aspect in the process. We design unique and impressive layouts, logos and other supporting materials. 



After the designing process is complete, we start developing the project as per the plan. We work hard and stick to the plan.



Project is deployed after the development is done. We do rigorous testing and fix the bugs that comes in our way.



After all the process is complete and testing is done, we deliver the project and take reviews. Client satisfaction is our goal.

Why choose us?

Our expert team of designers make the best in class logos, website user interface, banners and do branding for you. They make high quality and optimised social media post to make and increase your brand value.  

We know how hard it is when you come across a problem and can not find a solution. That’s why we provide industry leading live support and take care of whatever comes in your way.

We take each and every project seriously. Our 6D process help us to work closely on each project. We work hard and deliver projects that are result oriented!

We have an award winning support team that help you in every possible way to overcome the problems and hurdles that are in your way.

We have an expertise in ROI. Our team of senior ROI experts make sure that you get returns on every penny spent. 

We are a team of experienced professionals. We know the techniques that can boost your business and reach new heights. We continuously work hard to gain experience in our field. 

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The mission of EVG Software Solutions is to create stunning websites that push the boundaries of this new medium. We approach each project as an opportunity to lend a hand in the pursuit of great work. What project would you like to hire us for?